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Gremlin Graphics

The humble Commodore 16 was one of the most under rated 8 bit computers of it time according to the press, but for those who actually owned one it was a completely different story to them. On its release software was sparse you got a couple of games bundled with it, One being Hunchi which was a version of Hunchback released on the C64, It was an enjoyable little game to play mind, The being a chess game If I remember right and not being into chess never really loaded it up much. Also bundled with it was a Manuel that had quite a few type ins for you to do that showed the basic’s of what the humble 16k machine could do. On its release one software house that had produced a few titles for its release was Tynesoft. Four games I remember from them were “Shoot It” Which was a version of Space Invaders, “Munch It” was a Pac Man clone, “Hoppit” which was a Frogger type game and “Climb It” which was Donkey Kong. The graphic’s were chunky but colourful and sound kept to a minimum and were quite playable games. The one downside was they took an age to load so patience was a must at this early stage. But at least you could now play these classic titles on your

humble Commodore 16.

Shoot it


Climb It




Munch It


C16 Specifications


Size: 404 x 216 x 75mm

Weight: 1.5kg

CPU: MOS Technology 7501

Clock Speed: 0.89-1.76MHz

Memory: A total of 16Kbytes RAM with 12Kbytes available for user programs and 32Kbytes of ROM includes OS and Basic interpreter

Video Display: Text 25 rows with 40 character positions. Graphics 320x160 pixels, 15 colours x 8 brightness levels, plus black = 121 shades

Interfaces: Joystick port 8pin (2), Memory expansion port, TV connector, video interface, Cassette port 8pin

Operating System/s: Commodore BASIC V3.5 – in ROM

Input devices: QWERTY keyboard with 66 typewriter-style keys, including 7 programmable function keys and a help key


The sleek looking C16 in its bullet grey colour.



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